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100% Pure and Natural Coconut Oil

How we make pure coconut oil?

We procure matured coconuts with high yields from the farmers. Our Procurement areas are not only limited to Kerala and Tamil Nadu

Manually broken dehusked coconuts are sun-dried for a day and nuts are separated manually on the next day.

Extracted copra are sun dried for more than three days to get the required moisture content.

The copra is reheated in a dryer before chopping into pieces to maintain the required moisture level.

The Copra dryer was designed to dry fresh coconut kernel from 35 – 40% moisture content to 5 – 7%. Using hot air, the drying temperature should be maintained 35°C to 50°C for 6 hours to dry copra until a final moisture content of 5 – 7% reached.

Copra is chopped mechanically into pieces through a cutter driven by an electric drive.

Copra cutter is helpful in cutting large copra pieces into smaller pieces. These cutting machine has sharp round blade which makes cutting easier and faster.

The chopped pieces are roasted in a cooker with steam for more than 45 minutes. 

The smaller pieces of copra are put to the Cooker / Kettle of the oil press machine where the copra pieces are cooked in the temperature of 70°C – 90°C.

Chopped and roasted copra is crushed in an oil expeller in two stages.

The cake particles in extracted oil are separated mechanically using vibrator.

The extracted pure coconut oil is filtered twice in different filters to get the finest quality.

In the filter press machine has a fine-mesh filtering fabric which helps to remove foots from the crude oil. Oil under pressure passes through perforated cloth, gets out from the faucet beneath the filtrating cloth.

The filtered pure coconut oil is stored in closed tanks for packing.

The packing is done using multi-layered films, bottles, cans and tins.

The packed goods are sent to retail outlets. Keraswad Agmark Coconut Oil reaches the hands of the customer completely untouched by human hands.

The Incredible Health Benefits of Coconut

Kera Swad

Kera Swad Pure Coconut oil is produced from the meat of mature coconuts, which are harvested from coconut palm trees.

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